The 21st century is one of the most exciting times to be a gamer. With prize money touching sky-high standards and tournaments like ESL India Premiership and COBX Masters being organized in India, we’ve never been more confident about the esports scene in this country..

But just like every industry, esports too comes with its own set of challenge:

  • - India still does not recognize professional esports players as athlete
  • - Esports careers are plagued with their brevity due to abrupt cancellation of tournaments
  • - Esports players have a hard time finding teams and esports teams in India have a hard time finding sponsorships
  • - Regular competitive tournaments are very scarce in India. This hinders the growth of the players and esports teams which makes it hard for them to perform in international levels
  • - Awareness about esports as a career choice is still at an all-time low and India is still haunted by the stigma attached around esports

Higin is an esports company that was made with the motto of helping enthusiastic gamers navigate these problems.

  • We are a team of passionate esports athletes who have faced these challenges first hand, and now we are working towards creating a platform that will legitimize esports as a career.
  • - It will help players showcase their skill set and also help teams recruit players
  • - Our platform will connect teams with sponsors and give them the much-needed funding so that they can perform well at an international stage
  • - Higin’s social media channels are working towards creating an active community of passionate players to give this industry the depth it deserves and also a platform which will look out for the best interests of the players
  • - Most importantly Higin will be working to organize competitive online and offline tournaments for many titles so that the teams get the proper exposure they need to perform well at an international stage

Higin is a community of the gamers, for the gamers and by the gamers.

Yes, it comprises of a dedicated team working hard to achieve its goals of legitimizing esports but more importantly it consists of, a set of people who have spent countless hours, basking in the blueish hue (or reddish depending on which game you’re playing) of their computer screens, beating on their craft to get better at it. So, it is only natural that we understand what this esports industry needs, and its time YOU became part of our esports revolution too. Want to join us in changing the esports ecosystem? Send your resume to [email protected].