Are you a Brand?
Communicate with your target audience by providing them engaging content and not just ads.
  • Extract maximum value, as compared to traditional digital media
  • Unlock revenue value from brand association to gain returns on investments in advertising and marketing
Esports fans are hard-to-reach consumers for brands through traditional media They’re young, digital natives who are cutting cords and blocking ads at rapid rates
  • Brands need to understand their potential customers on these platforms and provide them with engaging content and not just ads.
  • This usually involves successfully strategizing, planning and executing an esports IP, many factors like operations, studio production, talent management that have to be taken care of
Seems Overwhelming?
We got you covered
Higin as a connection point
The complex esports environment gets simplified, as you receive direct access to key members across multiple verticals
Higin provides brands with a connection point to the entire ecosystem of
Distribution partners
Stream sites
Talent and influencers
Our Services
We devise event plans to align with the goals and objectives of brands, partners, and sponsors
Tournament Management
Strategy and Planning:We structure the tournament and content to ensure maximum engagement
Website and Platform:Customizable look and feel of our website to suit our partners’ requirements.
Strategy and Planning:Our dedicated teams handle player management, communications, rule implementation, scheduling, etc.
Broadcast Services
Production:Our in-house resources and facilities allow us to stage, design, and operate broadcast.
Broadcast Graphics:We make stunning key visuals and motion graphics for the broadcasts.
Live Events and talent
Set design and Event production:We provide event management solutions for live gaming & esports events.
Talent Management:We are well networked with the best gaming & esports talents and agencies.
Marketing and Media
Social Media and Marketing:We provide the right mix of social media, marketing, talent and content.
Content Strategy:We devise a content amplification strategy based on your brand's goals to ensure maximum reach.
Content and Creatives
Brand key visuals:We understand the importance of event branding and its role in highlighting the brand in an event.
Social Media Content:Our content team will plan, curate, and create highly engaging content for your social media channels to promote your event and raise brand awareness.
Brands we have worked with
Talents we have worked with
How do we do it?
  • Discuss requirements, budget, expected ROI and reach
  • We will strategize and plan an IP for you that will give you the best ROI
  • Lay down a robust operations plan, captivating marketing campaigns
  • Reach out to influencers and talent required.
  • Design key visuals, promotional content, social media content
  • Design and plan the broadcast, handle productionLay down a robust operations plan, captivating marketing campaigns
  • Execute operations, marketing, production, broadcast and support
What’s at stake?
As a community-inclined industry, esports can tap into various brands and vice versa for its needs. Esports offers a lot of potentials, even for products, services, and brands outside the core technology and gaming niche.

Many companies and brands have already took a leap of faith and established a strong foothold by converting a passionate audience into their long term brand evangelists because the brands believe in their audience’s Passion- Esports